Michigan Mints

May 20th


A favorite to many, including myself, Hanover’s Michigan Mints will be arriving this week! These small delicious mints have a story behind them.  The makers have been making these tiny delights for years right out of their garage.  I grew up with their daughter as they are from my hometown, St. Johns, MI.  The small town of St. Johns is know for the annual Mint Festival, they are the Mint Capital. Not to mention, my grandpa, Otto Kus, was a mint farmer and now his son, Larry Kus, still grows mint on the same farm. The entire process of planting and harvesting of mint is very unique to learn.  If you are driving through St. Johns in early August, roll your windows down…. you will smell the fresh scent of pure mint oil – it’s amazing!

So next time you are in the store, pick up a bag of Hanover’s Michigan Mints – they are a special treat!

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