World Clothes Line, Buy 1, Give 1

Apr 5th

I have some inspiring news to share with you!  A friend from college, Mallory, is the founder of World Clothes Line, a buy 1, give 1 company. WCL matches customer’s purchases with new items for people in need.  Mallory has been to a number of countries in the last few years through her new awesome company, as well as traveling prior to her new adventure during college and just following college. Her love for traveling has taken her to beautiful places, met wonderful people and she has changed lives. Below are a few photos from her trip to Indonesia.

world clothes line 1


 Recently, Mallory traveled to Africa for 100 days and visited 11 countries. She gave clothing to those in need in all 11 countries.  Please click on her video to see a taste of her adventure and you will be inspired. {I was!}. I am so proud of Mallory…giving to others is one of the best feelings in the world. Mallory gets to experience this very often! Check out World Clothes Line facebook page, pinterest, twitter and her website! {click on the link to watch the video}

world clothes line 2 world clothes line 3world clothes line